Shwe Zee Thee Tablet Natural supplement for anxiety (Serenity Plum) ေရႊဆီးသီး အမွတ္တံဆိပ္ ႏွလံုးသည္းေျခေဆး

1. Zizphus jujuba
2. Santalum album
3. Nelumbium speciosum
4. Mansonia gagel
5. Mesua ferrea
6. Glycyrrhiza glabrax
7. Saccharum officinarum
8. Ferric Ammonium citrate
Indications for use
Good for palpitation, worry, insomnia, emotional unstability. It promote clean and well being state of mentally.
It is made from pulp and kernal of plum.
Dosage and administration
Both sexes any religion can use this.
Adult : 2 tablets for 2 time per day.